Audience vote for “Entertainment” introduced for 2017

Ever keen to keep the product fresh, the Brass in Concert organising team took an opportunity in February this year to meet with representatives of regular competitors to reinforce the importance of entertaining the audience at the Sage. “This is an event with wide appeal, both to regulars at band events and the general public,” said Brass in Concert Chairman John Woods, continuing, “While we do not wish to be prescriptive in what the bands present – indeed, freedom of artistic restriction is a central pillar of our mission statement – we do think that it is vital that the audience gets the musical satisfaction that it craves from this event. It is perhaps the case that some bands have gone too far in their efforts to educate or make certain statements through their themed programmes, but the ones that have been most successful have, thankfully, still managed to put a smile on the audience’s faces. We hope that the best brass bands in the world will continue to do so for many years.”
The Brass in Concert organising team’s determination to provide a higher level of entertainment has been reinforced this year with the addition of a new audience prize. This will be decided via a secure smartphone process, details of which will be provided at the event. John Woods continued: “We are delighted to announce that the Brass in Concert audience will be able to play a tangible role in our event for the very first time. The Audience Award will see a new trophy, donated by former Brass in Concert Chairman Trevor Caffull, and £1,000 going to the band that the audience members decide gives them most enjoyment on the day. Full instructions on how to take part in this, as well as other social media activities and a day-long trivia quiz will be unveiled at Sage Gateshead, while we will have a helpdesk there for the duration of the event to help get anyone less familiar with the inner workings of a smartphone to make the right connections. We are sure that this will become an important addition to the Brass in Concert weekend and we look forward to as many of our audience members as possible getting involved.”

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